HD Video: Starflex Brownie w/ Flash Bulb

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Canon XH-A1 (x2)

Editor: Final Cut 7

For years, my family had this camera in their repertoire of antiques for years, and, for a while, I thought it was obsolete. Some might consider it so, but you can still buy the 127 film it accepts, load it, and shoot with it.

At a thrift store in Flagstaff, I found a giant flash pack and reflector that resembled the smaller one that came with the camera. The pack also included 7 flash bulbs, ones that I had never found or seen before. For $2, I had to have it.

This is an HD video of the flash bulb going off. They’re one time use only, so I figured documenting the technology was more worthwhile than using it for its intended purpose.

You can find these GE #5 flash-type bulbs online for about a buck a piece on eBay.

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Starflex Brownie w/ Flash Bulb from Kyle Anderson on Vimeo.

Note: I recommend viewing this video in HD. By default, Vimeo turns HD off in the embedded video above. Be sure to turn it on and go full-screen.

Bonus: Here’s a cell phone picture of the shooting setup:

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