Photo Blog: Southern California, Summer 2010

After finishing work with the NHTV Breda workshops, I traveled from Flagstaff to Las Vegas, and then, after a week, to southern California to see my dad, who moved to the city of Brea for a new job. The following pictures were taking along this trip. After my visit in California, I’ll be traveling to Phoenix to see a few friends.

A rollover accident on the I-15 on the way to California. This was before first responders arrived, and there were people on top of the car trying to get people out of the overturned car.

An art gallery in Newport Beach, an extremely college-style town, at least by the beac. I loved the name of this particular

People seem to act like Pita Pit is a Flagstaff specialty, but there was a Pita Pit in Newport Beach, CA. I've noticed that many of Flagstaff's "local" restaurants also have other locations.

Fresh plums at the Brea, CA downtown farmer's market.

Orange County, CA has a lot of independent burger joints, which is pretty refreshing from the usual fast food. PK's is a favorite of my dad's, and it's operated by an old Asian man who makes a joke out of every sentence you say. Also, to get sodas, he welcomes you behind the serving counter to the fountain. Awesome.

Outside of PK's Burger. There was no phone at this post, but it was fun to see the outdated AT&T sign.

Offered for free inside of PK's, this is a CD with a message from a presumably Viatnamese church. It was one of those cheap CDs that can be seen through when held up to the light. Kind of like sinners, I guess.

The family dog, Rascal, in the car and on the way to a public concert. This dog hates me, so I hate it. Except for its cuteness.

A gold shrine built in the San Juan Capastrano Mission. Quite intricate, and well worth a visit.

Oh, the I-5. One of the staples of California, along with lens flare.

On a sidewalk across the street from the largest bathroom in San Juan Capastrano, CA. Possibly written in blood?

I'd like to see a more pretentious marketing scheme.

Yet another independent burger joint. I didn't have a chance to visit this one, but the sign alone makes me salivate.

(Possibly) more to come after I return from Phoenix. After college, I’m going to miss summer.

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