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The nature of student news means people move in and out rather quickly, usually within a four year time-span. As such, things change rapidly semester to semester, including the graphic design of the show. I was asked to come up with a new visual theme for the program, as there was little consistency between all of the graphics. Here is that redesign, which is implemented in Chyron, Keynote (for full page), and Final Cut. Note that the text on many of these are missing; this is because the text is inserted in the Chyron. A full show is posted at the end with the final graphics/text.

1 Talent Lower Third

2 Talent Lower Third

Over-The-Shoulder (OTS) Box

(Left & Right, Full Box and Aplha Channel Logo)

Upper Left Bug (Typically used for “LIVE” text.)

Full Page Graphic Background

[media id=47 width=500 height=375]

And here’s a director’s cut where the theme is used.

[media id=38 width=500 height=375]

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I'm a media and IT professional and JavaScript developer who worked most recently as an Associate Broadcast IT Engineer (Tier II) for CNN in Atlanta. One of my life-long goals is to help bridge data divides - missing connections between software systems and data stores - promoting inter-system communication and automation. Many of the projects described here reflect this goal in some way or another.