Southern California Edison demolishes Mohave smoke stack

The smoke stack in mid-fall. (Photo: Brandon Neuman/NAZ Today)

LAUGHLIN, Nev. – Southern California Edison demolished an approximately 41-story smoke stack this morning, which had landmarked the Mohave Generation Station and the Colorado River Valley. The plant had been decommissioned in late 2005, and today, the first major phase of demolition was completed.

“It was a great resource for power and it was also a great resource for jobs locally,” said Steven Conroy, spokesperson for Edison.

Future plans for the station involve demolishing the two large boilers next to where the smoke stack stood. They will be demolished by implosion in July, with the site being completely deconstructed by 2012.

The coal-burning station was shut down due to expired contracts for coal and water supplies. Plans were in place to upgrade the station to pass new emissions standards; the projected cost of the upgrades was $1.2 billion according to Gil Alexander, media relations for Edison.

Mohave Generation Station Demolition from Kyle Anderson on Vimeo.

(In this video: Steven Conroy, Media Relations for Southern California Edison)

Further information about the Mohave Generation Station

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