Get Your Fashion Fix on Route 66

Project Meta


Panasonic HMC-150 (x3)

Editor: Final Cut 7

Every other fall, the merchandising program at the NAU School of Communication produces a fashion show featuring local designers alongside student designers. I first participated in documenting this event in 2008 under poor lighting and audio conditions. This time around, in 2010, the venue, and thusly the production quality, changed for the better. This 42 minute program was filmed in HD on Panasonic SD-card-based cameras. For this production, I served as one of the camera operators and the editor. Original shooting date was in November, but it was only recently completed because it was done pro-bono.

About The Author

Kyle Anderson
I'm a media and IT professional and JavaScript developer who worked most recently as an Associate Broadcast IT Engineer (Tier II) for CNN in Atlanta. One of my life-long goals is to help bridge data divides - missing connections between software systems and data stores - promoting inter-system communication and automation. Many of the projects described here reflect this goal in some way or another.