Promotional Video: Sun Sounds of Arizona

Project Meta


Canon XH-A1

Editor: Final Cut 7

Graphics: Photoshop CS5

Primary Role: Producer

Sun Sounds of Arizona is a local non-profit that provides access to printed materials, primarily periodicals and local newspapers, that the visually impaired otherwise wouldn’t have access to. I was asked to lead a team of two photographers and one editor to produce a 5-7 minute promotional video for the organization. For this, we used a documentary-style approach and gathered interviews from listeners of the service as well as volunteer readers.

As this was a group project, production came with compromises, even though I was the producer. The introduction is not as unique as I had wanted it to be. My vision for the intro was to open on a first-person POV shot of everyday life with an emphasis on reading things like the newspaper. The rest of the group decided against it and we went with a more generic-style opening. I guess you can’t win them all.

In the end, Sun Sounds was very happy with this video, and it will be used to engage potential donors and volunteer readers.

About The Author

Kyle Anderson
I'm a media and IT professional and JavaScript developer who worked most recently as an Associate Broadcast IT Engineer (Tier II) for CNN in Atlanta. One of my life-long goals is to help bridge data divides - missing connections between software systems and data stores - promoting inter-system communication and automation. Many of the projects described here reflect this goal in some way or another.