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In the year plus since leaving the west and starting work at CNN, I’ve been focusing intently on my career in professional video production so much that I have neglected personal projects. This fact began to trouble me recently, and after helping a good friend find his way around Premiere Pro, I became inspired to work on a project of my own.

Two months ago, I created and published “edm looking glass #1,” originally and blandly titled “glitched creation,” to satisfy the urge to make something not for work. It’s a minute and a half montage of archive film and VHS footage set to modern electronic dance music, or EDM. The particular song was “Choose Me II” by Xilent, recently featured on BT’s compilation album “Laptop Symphony.”

edm looking glass #1 from Kyle Anderson on Vimeo.

It was thrown together in six hours using 8mm film and old VHS tapes I had captured more than a year ago. I can’t really say what inspired the editing style except that it’s what I see when I listen to electronic music like electro house and dubstep: real-life imagery set in motion to the beats and synth. Few watched it, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t stop watching it, over and over. Call it┬ánarcissism if you will, but I was in love with my own work, and I wanted more.

EDM Looking Glass will be an ultra-extended version of “edm looking glass #1” and set to a mixset I’ve recorded but not released instead of a single track. The expected total running time is 18 minutes. As of this writing, only 4 minutes have been edited. I’m ambitious about finishing this project, and I hope there’s an audience for short-form-retro-style-music-video-mixsets. As a distraction from the editing process, I’ve made this promo for it:

EDM Looking Glass – Preview from Kyle Anderson on Vimeo.

I’m looking forward to completing the final project. Some time this fall, it’ll be completed and posted here.

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Kyle Anderson
I'm a media and IT professional and JavaScript developer who worked most recently as an Associate Broadcast IT Engineer (Tier II) for CNN in Atlanta. One of my life-long goals is to help bridge data divides - missing connections between software systems and data stores - promoting inter-system communication and automation. Many of the projects described here reflect this goal in some way or another.