EDM Looking Glass – Complete

The 16 minute mash-fest of electro dance music and archive/forgotten footage is finished and available to watch:


And be listened to:

As mentioned in the preview post for EDM Looking Glass:

In the year plus since leaving the west and starting work at CNN, I’ve been focusing intently on my career in professional video production so much that I have neglected personal projects. This fact began to trouble me recently, and after helping a good friend find his way around Premiere Pro, I became inspired to work on a project of my own.

This project really stretched my editing muscle and patience. Forget basic projects where a timeline had a few bits of audio and video with maybe a few titles and transitions. The vision I had when I first recorded the mixset in July sealed in an editing destiny of heavy use of cuts, speed adjustments, and frame-by-frame alignments, not to mention gathering and capturing hours of footage from VHS tapes.

“Some people paint. Others make music.” I make art out of video. EDMLG embodies everything I visualize and feel when listening to electronic music: a clash of reality and surreality, set to a rhythm. And I am most proud of this piece of art, and I get so much pleasure from having this vision realized and no longer festering in my head for months on end. If anyone else gets inspiration from it, it’s icing on the cake.

If you do watch the whole 16 minutes, I hope you enjoy. Thanks to those who supported me and this project. I may endeavor to make another piece like this in another year or so. So much footage went unused.

Finally, an overview of the sequence. A tad messy, but overall very complex. (Click to enlarge)

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I'm a media and IT professional and JavaScript developer who worked most recently as an Associate Broadcast IT Engineer (Tier II) for CNN in Atlanta. One of my life-long goals is to help bridge data divides - missing connections between software systems and data stores - promoting inter-system communication and automation. Many of the projects described here reflect this goal in some way or another.