PDF Rendering Service

Technologies Used MongoDB, Redis, Chromium (via puppeteer), Handlebars.js, npm, socket.io Goal Generating and mailing letters is a common task for every business, and my current employer is no exception. Many letters are created using Mail Merge or a third-party application – processes that are inaccessible to the Node.js services we develop. The first service to require […]

Confessions of a Human Hat Rack

Video Editor. Live Show Director. Web Editor. Technical Director. Photographer. DJ. System Administrator. Support Engineer. JavaScript Developer. All of these are hats I’ve worn professionally at some point in the last 10 years, yet none of them are fully broken-in. Who exactly am I? In December, I moved to Portland, Ore. to be closer to […]

Analysis of Reddit’s /r/popular

This post was adapted from the original Reddit post. In light of Reddit’s release of /r/popular, I wanted to get a sense for exactly which subreddits were being filtered out. The admins apparently decided to not release a list of those filtered subreddits just yet. Approach 9,000 posts worth of metadata (mainly subreddit, domain, and author) […]

Battling WordPress Malware with Git & Logstash

For years, this site and several others hosted on its server fell victim to a series of malware attacks. This is the post-mortem of how I discovered and recovered from the infections. Background KyleAnderson.us started in 2009 as my first WordPress site. It was originally on a shared host, so naturally my only interactions with it […]