Test-Driven, Angular Slot Game for Fish

Casual slot-style gambling games are great distractions while working out because they’re addictive and take little to no mental effort to play and enjoy – a perfect fit for the [adult-swim] show FishCenter Live. Tropical Treasures is such a game, and I succeeded in taking it from concept to production in less than a week. […]

Weeknight Project: Headon Reddit Bot

The Front Page of the Internet has an untold number of bots accessing and posting content every second. Some contribute valuable context, like autowikibot, which replies to WikiPedia links with an article summary and other links. Then there’s headonbot. This is exactly what headonbot aspires to do – what it only aspires to do. Headonbot […]

Let’s Go, Goose!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6nEA5FyBxA This video was shot with a GoPro camera attached to Goose’s walking harness. I’ve been told it can be a tad nauseating, but at least it’s only a minute short. Track by FLYamSAM – “The Offbeat”

EDM Looking Glass – Complete

This project really stretched my editing muscle and patience. Forget basic projects where a timeline had a few bits of audio and video with maybe a few titles and transitions. The vision I had when I first recorded the mixset in July sealed in an editing destiny of heavy use of cuts, speed adjustments, and frame-by-frame alignments, not to mention gathering and capturing hours of footage from VHS tapes

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