Career & Experience – IT, Media, JavaScript

My love of IT began roughly in 2003 when I started the Systems Technology Support learning track at Advanced Technologies Academy in Las Vegas, NV. The program started with basic computer support and troubleshooting and worked up to Cisco CCNA-level network design and support material.

As much as I enjoyed working with technology then, I was a naive teenager who didn’t yet appreciate the creative aspects of tech. This led to the decision to pivot away from IT. At Northern Arizona University, my focus shifted toward media production but inevitably wavered back toward IT.

Throughout my four years at NAU, I contributed to the student-produced television news program NAZ Today as a photog, editor, technical director, show director and later as web director, supporting NAZ Today’s web presence, and broadcast engineering apprentice. All of this experience was in addition to earning two B.S. degrees – one in Journalism and another in Electronic Media & Film Production.

CNN was the next stop after university. I was hired as a Video Journalist (VJ) – a growth position for recent college graduates. These are the folks who run teleprompters, print scripts and help out in the studios.

After one year as a VJ, I joined CNN Satellites and Transmissions as a Satellite Operator, coordinating and troubleshooting Ku-band satellite, fiber, and IP-based video signals for CNN and its affiliates. After settling in to that role, I used down time to learn the basics of programming with JavaScript.

Before long, I was developing solutions to small internal problems. On one project, the manager of CNN BEST (Broadcast Engineering Systems & Technology) Tier I support, Quality Control and Commercial Acquisitions asked me to join his group as an Operations Engineer.

Six months after starting with Tier I, I was promoted to Core Systems as an Associate Broadcast IT Engineer, where I was until November 18, 2016,¬†supporting CNN’s file-based digital media infrastructure.¬†Increasingly challenging and business-valuable side projects still fill my down time.