Suburbia and its culturally draining impact

As I was standing in line at the grocery store, a friend I was with started wondering aloud why people would care so much about the endless celebrity drama portrayed on tabloid covers. The gossip industry is a highly competitive and profitable one. Publishers are often willing to pay a photographer tens or even hundreds of […]

Promotional Video: Sun Sounds of Arizona

Project Meta Camera: Canon XH-A1 Editor: Final Cut 7 Graphics: Photoshop CS5 Primary Role: Producer Sun Sounds of Arizona is a local non-profit that provides access to printed materials, primarily periodicals and local newspapers, that the visually impaired otherwise wouldn’t have access to. I was asked to lead a team of two photographers and one […]

“Envisioning the New Flagstaff” – Documentary

Project Meta Cameras: Canon T2i Canon XH-A1 Editor: Premiere Pro CS5 In 2009, I covered the Arts and Business summit hosted by the Flagstaff Arts and Business alliance for NAZ Today. It was at that summit that I learned how interconnected the art industry is with the local economy – that the arts mean business. […]

NAZ Today – Director’s Cut 5-2-11

It was truly a blessing to have my last night directing for NAZ Today go smoothly. The show looked pretty good, the content was interesting, and there were no problems during live production. I’d say that this is actually one of the best shows this semester in terms of production quality. Some trivia: Over the […]

Get Your Fashion Fix on Route 66

Project Meta Cameras: Panasonic HMC-150 (x3) Editor: Final Cut 7 Every other fall, the merchandising program at the NAU School of Communication produces a fashion show featuring local designers alongside student designers. I first participated in documenting this event in 2008 under poor lighting and audio conditions. This time around, in 2010, the venue, and […]

A vow to never be alone.

When I get home, my roommates are typically talking about such varied topics as ultimate fighting, computer programming, and escapades I can’t particularly disclose in public. This is something I spent the first 18 years of my life without. I’m about to graduate from Northern Arizona University. My parents and American society in general told […]

Southern California Edison demolishes Mohave smoke stack

LAUGHLIN, Nev. – Southern California Edison demolished an approximately 41-story smoke stack this morning, which had landmarked the Mohave Generation Station and the Colorado River Valley. The plant had been decommissioned in late 2005, and today, the first major phase of demolition was completed. “It was a great resource for power and it was also a great […]

NAZ Today – Director’s Cut 3-7-11

There were some interesting camera movements necessary to pull off this particular show. Fortunately, my floor director and camera ops were able to move quickly and get the shots we needed. Getting the end-of-show smooth, though, is always so difficult! [media id=58 width=500 height=375]

Bridal Spectacular – Tuxedo Solo, January 2011

Project Meta Cameras: Sony DSR-250 Sony PD100 equivalent Editor: Premiere Pro CS5 This is a two-camera edit of the tuxedo fashion show number from the Bridal Spectacular’s January 2011 show. The addition of the second, handheld camera wasn’t planned, and the second camera was in full-auto mode. While it’s not perfect, the shakiness kind of […]

NAZ Today – Director’s Cut 2-28-11

This show went particularly well, with nice, fast transitions and good timing. (We were on time for pretty much the entire show.) The quick out was caused by anchors over-bantering. One problem I have with the program right now is the mismatch of graphics. There’s still no central visual theme. Each segment bump looks different […]