NAU Donates $30K to Spike Lee’s Checking Account

Who was this Spike Lee guy, anyway? I had no idea who this famous black film director was until NAU decided to hire him to speak on January 27th. The university was aflutter, and everyone was waiting in anticipation for his appearance, one the university reportedly spent $30 thousand to make happen. A Spike Lee […]

Let’s Make A Reality – TV Game Show Experience

In the rotting carcass that is the Tropicana Hotel and Casino’s convention center, a television studio was constructed, and in the last two and a half months, 98 episodes of TV’s newest game show have been taped in it. The locale for CBS’s debut game show, “Let’s Make A Deal” with Wayne Brady, happens to […]

Cultural Project: Found Bookmarks

My friend Mene Tekel explained a discovery he made: People tend to leave lots of bookmarks in books they donate to thrift stores, and no one bothers to remove them. Now, plain old bookmarks sound boring, but that’s not all we found. After raiding about ten stores, we had gathered about 150 pieces. I categorized […]

Raking the Leaves

There was something nostalgic, even romantic, about raking the leaves. Maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t done it in years. It being raking leaves. This was not a romance story. It was an everyday chore prescribed to me by my mother to be completed after she returned from shopping. Leaves of this size […]

Have a Good Summer

Last night, I ran into two girls who both went to my middle school, and we started talking about teachers and weird people we remember from 8th grade. Today, I had a peek at the yearbook from that grade, and the signatures I had accrued 7 years ago popped out at me. Many girls wrote […]

Why Lie?

During our rompings in Vegas, Tekel and I encountered a man with a sign that read, “Why Lie? Need Beer!!!” We gave him a dollar and suggested anything but Miller. He said no problem; he was gonna get weed anyway.

Unearthed: The 3rd Grade Thank You Card

During my senior year of high school, an organization approached our student council with a community service opportunity which involved teaching students at at-risk elementary schools basic life lessons, like how to take care of pets and be nice to people. The senior class president, Krit, and I were assigned to a 3rd grade class. […]

Lost Power Means More Fellowship

I was about to order some delicious Greek food at Taverna grill. Drinks were served, and someone was going to pay for my meal. It was going to be a good night. The lights got suddenly brighter, flickered, and a bunch of lights I hadn’t even known existed turned on, leaving the once highly-decorated and […]

Interview on NAU Insights

About a month ago, I was interviewed by Patrick Walker for NAU’s EMF 324 and EMF 226 class’ pseudo-real show, NAU Insights. Each interview is conducted by a student learning how to interview, and the studio is run by students learning how to run a studio. Recipe for disaster? Not quite. In the following video, Patrick […]

Just My Luck

My Friday was all planned out. Three hours of photo printing and matting in the morning. Lunch. Teaching people how to do stuff. Quizzes and exams. A freelance project in its final stages. It was solid and going to put me ahead of schedule. But then there’s the idea of covering a funeral for a […]