Brief with Lighting Designer David Hartley

David Harley has been working as a professional lighting designer and general audio/visual guru for over thirty years. I caught up with him at the Bridal Spectacular convention, one of the events in Las Vegas which has hired me for video coverage of their fashion shows. In the slideshow below, Hartley gives a glimpse into his life […]

Reminiscing: Middle School Book Drive (2002)

Prior to high school, I was a bona-fide overachiever. This included a duty as president of my middle school’s National Junior Honor Society. During my 8th grade year, we ran a book drive for the elementary school nearest ours, one I believe was deemed an “at-risk” school under the No Child Left Behind Act. Our […]

Sedona Sky Drive

Project Meta Camera: Canon Rebel T2i Editor: Premiere Pro CS5 “Sedona Sky Drive” is a video that I recorded while driving from Sedona to Flagstaff, Ariz. on highway 89A. A rising trend on the internet is taking driving videos like this one and mirroring the top half of the frame on the bottom. This simple […]

Rock-A-Hoola Water Park – Abandoned

I always enjoy exploring abandoned locales, and Rock-A-Hoola is no exception. This abandoned water park is located along the I-15 in southern California. I believe the location (i.e. the middle of nowhere) is the reason why this and the accompanying master-planned resort community went under in less than a decade of operation. As with many abandoned […]

Stories from InsideNAU

This semester, I took a part-time job as a reporter for InsideNAU, a PR/news program that focuses specifically on NAU happenings and events. I produced five packages for the show throughout the semester, doing the writing, editing, and some shooting. I enjoyed doing all of these stories; Below are four of the packages, from most […]

Collection: Digital Photography and Workflow

Over the summer, I purchased my first digital SLR, a Canon T2i. It was quite the transition for me since most of my photographic career leading up to this semester has been film-based. Overall, I’m happy with the transition. Two classes have forced me to take more pictures; here are some of my favorite shots; […]

Bridal Spectacular 2011 TV Ad

Project Meta Cameras: Sony DSR-250 Editor: Premiere Pro CS4 Below is the second advertisement I produced for the Bridal Spectacular bridal show in Las Vegas. I’ve worked for the Bridal Spectacular since I was in high school, and I’ve been filming the fashion shows for a couple of years now. The show is put on […]

“Good Night and Good Luck” Trailer

Project Meta Editor: Final Cut 6 One of this year’s class assignments involved taking a movie and making a trailer out of it. I decided to use one of my favorite films, “Good Night and Good Luck,” a story about Edward R. Murrow’s fight against Senator Joseph McCarthy’s unconstitutional investigations and prosecutions in his crusade against […]

When Everything Falls Apart

There’s hardly anything like the emotion of a girl who just heard her father is dead. What should we hold dear? Some things? Everything? Nothing? Most people won’t live to see the age of 100. Material possessions come and go for a myriad of reasons. And the Earth? Check back in 5 billion years. Moments […]