Rock-A-Hoola Water Park – Abandoned

I always enjoy exploring abandoned locales, and Rock-A-Hoola is no exception. This abandoned water park is located along the I-15 in southern California. I believe the location (i.e. the middle of nowhere) is the reason why this and the accompanying master-planned resort community went under in less than a decade of operation. As with many abandoned […]

Collection: Digital Photography and Workflow

Over the summer, I purchased my first digital SLR, a Canon T2i. It was quite the transition for me since most of my photographic career leading up to this semester has been film-based. Overall, I’m happy with the transition. Two classes have forced me to take more pictures; here are some of my favorite shots; […]

New Photo Book: Film

Two weeks ago, I received my first photo book. I spent a good chunk of an evening sifting through my film library and selecting the best frames for this class assignment turned personal project. What resulted from that night is a 38 page, 7″ by 7″ book with my best film shots from the last year […]

Montezuma’s Well – Fisheye

Preface: During the summer of 2009, I worked as a lab assistant for the Breda Workshops, a couple of three week workshops wherein students from the Netherlands come to NAU to learn how to write, shoot, edit and produce magazine style package pieces and a 20 minute live shows. One week is dedicated to shooting, […]

Film Photography – Superior Medium

Can you remember a time before digital? Tekel and I have been shooting a lot of film photography lately. He noticed that photos taken before digital tend to be well composed, beautiful photographs because of the time and money a photographer would have to invest in their cameras, film, and processing. But even the cheapest […]