Promotional Video: Sun Sounds of Arizona

Project Meta Camera: Canon XH-A1 Editor: Final Cut 7 Graphics: Photoshop CS5 Primary Role: Producer Sun Sounds of Arizona is a local non-profit that provides access to printed materials, primarily periodicals and local newspapers, that the visually impaired otherwise wouldn’t have access to. I was asked to lead a team of two photographers and one […]

“Envisioning the New Flagstaff” – Documentary

Project Meta Cameras: Canon T2i Canon XH-A1 Editor: Premiere Pro CS5 In 2009, I covered the Arts and Business summit hosted by the Flagstaff Arts and Business alliance for NAZ Today. It was at that summit that I learned how interconnected the art industry is with the local economy – that the arts mean business. […]

Get Your Fashion Fix on Route 66

Project Meta Cameras: Panasonic HMC-150 (x3) Editor: Final Cut 7 Every other fall, the merchandising program at the NAU School of Communication produces a fashion show featuring local designers alongside student designers. I first participated in documenting this event in 2008 under poor lighting and audio conditions. This time around, in 2010, the venue, and […]

Bridal Spectacular – Tuxedo Solo, January 2011

Project Meta Cameras: Sony DSR-250 Sony PD100 equivalent Editor: Premiere Pro CS5 This is a two-camera edit of the tuxedo fashion show number from the Bridal Spectacular’s January 2011 show. The addition of the second, handheld camera wasn’t planned, and the second camera was in full-auto mode. While it’s not perfect, the shakiness kind of […]

Sedona Sky Drive

Project Meta Camera: Canon Rebel T2i Editor: Premiere Pro CS5 “Sedona Sky Drive” is a video that I recorded while driving from Sedona to Flagstaff, Ariz. on highway 89A. A rising trend on the internet is taking driving videos like this one and mirroring the top half of the frame on the bottom. This simple […]

Bridal Spectacular 2011 TV Ad

Project Meta Cameras: Sony DSR-250 Editor: Premiere Pro CS4 Below is the second advertisement I produced for the Bridal Spectacular bridal show in Las Vegas. I’ve worked for the Bridal Spectacular since I was in high school, and I’ve been filming the fashion shows for a couple of years now. The show is put on […]

“Good Night and Good Luck” Trailer

Project Meta Editor: Final Cut 6 One of this year’s class assignments involved taking a movie and making a trailer out of it. I decided to use one of my favorite films, “Good Night and Good Luck,” a story about Edward R. Murrow’s fight against Senator Joseph McCarthy’s unconstitutional investigations and prosecutions in his crusade against […]

NAZ Today – Graphics Revamp

Project Meta Applications: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Premiere Pro CS4 The nature of student news means people move in and out rather quickly, usually within a four year time-span. As such, things change rapidly semester to semester, including the graphic design of the show. I was asked to come up with a new visual theme for […]

HD Video: Starflex Brownie w/ Flash Bulb

Project Meta Cameras: Canon XH-A1 (x2) Editor: Final Cut 7 For years, my family had this camera in their repertoire of antiques for years, and, for a while, I thought it was obsolete. Some might consider it so, but you can still buy the 127 film it accepts, load it, and shoot with it. At […]