Bridal Spectacular 2009 TV Ad

Project Meta Cameras: Sony DSR-250 Editor: Premiere Pro CS4 Below is the first advertisement I produced for the Bridal Spectacular bridal show in Las Vegas. I’ve worked for the Bridal Spectacular since I was in high school, and the first advertisement I’ve produced altogether. The show is put on twice per year at the Cashman […]

Toe Tag Monologues – Freelance Project

Project Meta Cameras: Sony DSR-250 (x2) Editor: Premiere Pro CS4 Preface: This is a freelance project I received through AV Vegas. The content is a school play called the Toe Tag Monologues (website), a production of Vision Theatrical Foundation in Las Vegas. This video is a highlights reel blend of interviews and show footage. The biggest […]

Bridal Spectacular – Twilight Fashion Show

Project Meta Camera: Sony DSR-250 Editor: Premiere Pro Cs4 Preface: I’ve video-taped the last several fashion shows for the Bridal Spectacular wedding convention in Las Vegas. In August 2009, one of the fashion shows was themed around the popular book series and movie, “Twilight.” I was asked to make a short cut of the show […]

Debbie Family History

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Project Meta Format: VHS Capture Editor: Premiere Pro CS4 Preface: It was a strange night so far, and Tekel and I were wandering around his neighborhood dumpster diving. All the usual locations were hit with no apparent luck. That changed once we discovered a huge pile of discarded children’s […]

Las Vegas Philharmonic – Springs Preserve, Las Vegas – July 4, 2009

Project Meta Cameras: Sony DSR-250 (x3) Switcher: Panasonic MX50 Preface: This is a short clip from the Las Vegas Philharmonic’s performance at the Springs Preserve Las Vegas on July 4, 2009. This was a three camera shoot: one stationary and two on-the-shoulder roaming on a very packed stage. The cameras were DSR-250s. Production company, providing sound, […]