“Envisioning the New Flagstaff” – Documentary

Project Meta Cameras: Canon T2i Canon XH-A1 Editor: Premiere Pro CS5 In 2009, I covered the Arts and Business summit hosted by the Flagstaff Arts and Business alliance for NAZ Today. It was at that summit that I learned how interconnected the art industry is with the local economy – that the arts mean business. […]

HD Video: Starflex Brownie w/ Flash Bulb

Project Meta Cameras: Canon XH-A1 (x2) Editor: Final Cut 7 For years, my family had this camera in their repertoire of antiques for years, and, for a while, I thought it was obsolete. Some might consider it so, but you can still buy the 127 film it accepts, load it, and shoot with it. At […]

Life Changing Music

This last month has had the tallest loops steepest drops ever recorded. Emotionally speaking, my world has never been shaken around so much. Can I sue for whiplash? Music. It sets moods. I find that when I’m depressed, I’ll listen to something like Sarah McLachlan’s Afterglow or Delirium’s song “Just a Dream.” Maybe I want […]