Bridal Spectacular – Tuxedo Solo, January 2011

Project Meta Cameras: Sony DSR-250 Sony PD100 equivalent Editor: Premiere Pro CS5 This is a two-camera edit of the tuxedo fashion show number from the Bridal Spectacular’s January 2011 show. The addition of the second, handheld camera wasn’t planned, and the second camera was in full-auto mode. While it’s not perfect, the shakiness kind of […]

Bridal Spectacular – Twilight Fashion Show

Project Meta Camera: Sony DSR-250 Editor: Premiere Pro Cs4 Preface: I’ve video-taped the last several fashion shows for the Bridal Spectacular wedding convention in Las Vegas. In August 2009, one of the fashion shows was themed around the popular book series and movie, “Twilight.” I was asked to make a short cut of the show […]