NAU Donates $30K to Spike Lee’s Checking Account

Who was this Spike Lee guy, anyway? I had no idea who this famous black film director was until NAU decided to hire him to speak on January 27th. The university was aflutter, and everyone was waiting in anticipation for his appearance, one the university reportedly spent $30 thousand to make happen. A Spike Lee […]

New Photo Book: Film

Two weeks ago, I received my first photo¬†book. I spent a good chunk of an evening sifting through my film library and selecting the best frames for this class assignment turned personal project. What resulted from that night is a 38 page, 7″ by 7″ book with my best film shots from the last year […]

Debbie Family History

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Project Meta Format: VHS Capture Editor: Premiere Pro CS4 Preface: It was a strange night so far, and Tekel and I were wandering around his neighborhood dumpster diving. All the usual locations were hit with no apparent luck. That changed once we discovered a huge pile of discarded children’s […]

Film Photography – Superior Medium

Can you remember a time before digital? Tekel and I have been shooting a lot of film photography lately. He noticed that photos taken before digital tend to be well composed, beautiful photographs because of the time and money a photographer would have to invest in their cameras, film, and processing. But even the cheapest […]