Promotional Video: Sun Sounds of Arizona

Project Meta Camera: Canon XH-A1 Editor: Final Cut 7 Graphics: Photoshop CS5 Primary Role: Producer Sun Sounds of Arizona is a local non-profit that provides access to printed materials, primarily periodicals and local newspapers, that the visually impaired otherwise wouldn’t have access to. I was asked to lead a team of two photographers and one […]

“Envisioning the New Flagstaff” – Documentary

Project Meta Cameras: Canon T2i Canon XH-A1 Editor: Premiere Pro CS5 In 2009, I covered the Arts and Business summit hosted by the Flagstaff Arts and Business alliance for NAZ Today. It was at that summit that I learned how interconnected the art industry is with the local economy – that the arts mean business. […]

Get Your Fashion Fix on Route 66

Project Meta Cameras: Panasonic HMC-150 (x3) Editor: Final Cut 7 Every other fall, the merchandising program at the NAU School of Communication produces a fashion show featuring local designers alongside student designers. I first participated in documenting this event in 2008 under poor lighting and audio conditions. This time around, in 2010, the venue, and […]

Stories from InsideNAU

This semester, I took a part-time job as a reporter for InsideNAU, a PR/news program that focuses specifically on NAU happenings and events. I produced five packages for the show throughout the semester, doing the writing, editing, and some shooting. I enjoyed doing all of these stories; Below are four of the packages, from most […]

Abandoned Route 66 Icons Point to New Future

Think of the modern American road trip. Where are people headed? Where do they stop along the way, and why? As US Highway 66 was developed and populated, midwesterners traveled the historic road from Chicago to Santa Monica, with many popular stops in the state of Arizona. But in many cases, unlike the road warriors […]

Things I’m Doing

Spreading myself too thin. But that’s OK, because I take pride and joy in all of the work I do. Sometimes, I feel like I’m not doing enough work, to which my close friends call me insane for thinking. Here’s what I’ve been doing with my time aside from blogging here. (Note: I normally don’t […]

FUSD Considers Closing South Beaver Elementary

Preface: This article was originally written for a Public Affairs class on February 16, 2010. Today, the FUSD announced they would be delaying closure of South Beaver Elementary along with three other schools by 60 days. But it’s only postponing the inevitable and feeding the tension between parents and teachers and the administration. (See: this […]

NAU Donates $30K to Spike Lee’s Checking Account

Who was this Spike Lee guy, anyway? I had no idea who this famous black film director was until NAU decided to hire him to speak on January 27th. The university was aflutter, and everyone was waiting in anticipation for his appearance, one the university reportedly spent $30 thousand to make happen. A Spike Lee […]

Flag Firefighter Laid to Rest After 28 Years Service

FLAGSTAFF (NAZ Today) – By: Kyle Anderson – Friday morning’s stormy weather only reflected the mood of the Flagstaff Fire Department as firefighter Mark McNeal was remembered in a funeral service at Christ’s Church of Flagstaff. But mother nature was wise; rains almost instantly paused for the procession of fire, police and personal vehicles between […]