Suburbia and its culturally draining impact

As I was standing in line at the grocery store, a friend I was with started wondering aloud why people would care so much about the endless celebrity drama portrayed on tabloid covers. The gossip industry is a highly competitive and profitable one. Publishers are often willing to pay a photographer tens or even hundreds of […]

A vow to never be alone.

When I get home, my roommates are typically talking about such varied topics as ultimate fighting, computer programming, and escapades I can’t particularly disclose in public. This is something I spent the first 18 years of my life without. I’m about to graduate from Northern Arizona University. My parents and American society in general told […]

When Everything Falls Apart

There’s hardly anything like the emotion of a girl who just heard her father is dead. What should we hold dear? Some things? Everything? Nothing? Most people won’t live to see the age of 100. Material possessions come and go for a myriad of reasons. And the Earth? Check back in 5 billion years. Moments […]

Thoughts on Perspective

If you’re sensible, you take an indirect hint from the broke fuckers who spend half their lives wasting away at the blackjack table, pounding back cigarette after drink after sorrow. “It’s always like this,” The stranger across the table from me says after yet another losing hand. I was in the same boat as him, […]

Let’s Make A Reality – TV Game Show Experience

In the rotting carcass that is the Tropicana Hotel and Casino’s convention center, a television studio was constructed, and in the last two and a half months, 98 episodes of TV’s newest game show have been taped in it. The locale for CBS’s debut game show, “Let’s Make A Deal” with Wayne Brady, happens to […]

Lost Power Means More Fellowship

I was about to order some delicious Greek food at Taverna grill. Drinks were served, and someone was going to pay for my meal. It was going to be a good night. The lights got suddenly brighter, flickered, and a bunch of lights I hadn’t even known existed turned on, leaving the once highly-decorated and […]

The Black and White

There are an alarming number of people who come to college and become completely disinterested with the amount of resources and information available to them. Going to every class is a chore rather than an experience. Instead of being excited, some choose to be bored. They feel like there is something better they could be doing. […]